Accessibility statement

For this purpose, it implements the following strategy and actions (in French):

This accessibility statement applies to

Compliance status

In absence of an audit, the website is declared non-compliant with the General Accessibility improvement reference system (RGAA 4.1).

A compliance audit will be carried out soon and the results will be detailed later.

Establishment of this accessibility statement

This statement was established on December 16, 2021.

Feedback and contact

If you are unable to access to a content or service, you can contact the digital accessibility officer at the Centre-Val de Loire Régional council to be directed to an accessible alternative or to access to the content in another form or way.

To contact the digital accessibility officer of the Centre-Val de Loire régional council:

  • By mail to the following address:
  • By post :
    Conseil régional du Centre-Val de Loire
    Hôtel de Région – Pôle Internet
    9 rue Saint-Pierre Lentin
    CS 94117
    45041 Orléans Cedex 1


This procedure is to be used in the following case.

You notified an accessibility flaw to the digital accessibility officer that prevents you from accessing a content or one of the services of the website and you did not receive a satisfactory answer.

To write to the Human Rights Defender :

To contact the regional Delegate of the Human Rights Defender :

To send by post (free, no stamp needed) :
Défenseur des droits
Libre réponse 471120
75342 PARIS Cedex 07