Energy communities

Energy communities involve groups of citizens managing energy efficiency or renewable energy production projects, as well as municipalities and businesses. A concept promoted by the EU, these communities embody the “think global, act local” philosophy.

Energy efficiency

It is the reduction of energy consumption changing our lifestyle and organization, at the individual and collective levels. It includes a wide range of possibilities: less consumption, less use, mutualization, adaptation to the need… It concerns not only material goods but also services.

Shared governance

Breaking with the pyramidal hierarchical model, this new mode of governance aims to redistribute power and responsibilities and involves all stakeholders in the decision-making process.

Energy transition

It is a fundamental change in the way we produce or consume energy in order to mitigate global warming. It consists in subsituating fossil fuels (with low greenhouse emissions energy, etc.) and also to reduce our consumption by encouraging more sober lifestyles and making buildings and technologies more effective.