A look back at the workshops in the first 6 territories

Thursday, 15 December 2022

Workshop 1 “Our territory”

During Workshop 1, “Our region”, participants got to know each other. They were able to discover the approach of the 4 workshops, their challenges and their opportunities.

A large part of the workshop was devoted to discussions in small groups on the notion of energy transition and on existing local initiatives that contribute to this transition.

It enabled participants to share their observations and start thinking together about the solutions that exist to change their energy consumption patterns.

It enabled participants to share an observation, and to start thinking together about the solutions that exist to change their energy consumption patterns.

Workshop 2 “From observation to action

During this second workshop, focus groups were organised according to a chosen theme: “energy sobriety” or “renewable energy production”.

For the “Energy Sobriety” groups, the participants thought about the collective actions in which they would like to get involved in their area and discussed them on their table in order to make them realistic and prioritise them. The actions identified as priorities will be discussed again in workshop 4.

For the “renewable energy production” groups: the aim was to gain a better understanding of the energy sources around them by completing a table on the different types of renewable energy produced in the region (solar, wind, biogas, geothermal, etc.), in order to provide some objective information on each technology. The participants then discussed the notion of an energy community and a collective project. At the end of the workshop, they were invited to decide which technology they were most interested in, to be explored further.

Workshop 3 “Transition in concrete terms

This workshop was an opportunity to discover concrete examples of actions that contribute to the energy transition, with several associations or groups coming to talk to participants about their projects: the creation of a recycling centre, a bricothèque, a shared garden, a vélobus, etc.
They also visited renewable energy production sites, depending on availability in the area: geothermal, photovoltaic, methanisation or wood-fired heating.

Workshop 4 “Our transition”

During this fourth workshop, the priority actions in favour of the energy transition that emerged during Workshop 2 were the subject of a new period of collective reflection.

The participants divided up into the themes that interested them most and collectively tried to come up with one or more ideas to transform into a collective project. Together, they determined the fundamental values and objectives of their project, as well as their next working deadline outside the framework of the workshops. We end the evening with a group photo, and the process continues with remote support including training, webinars, etc. For more information on the support process, click here.