Collective Intelligence Training!

Friday, 25 August 2023

26 individuals from the second set of territories attended the “Collective Intelligence in Service of Territories” training! The three-day sessions took place in Orléans and Luçay-le-male and were facilitated by the cooperative “Les Vigies.”

The overall goal of the participants is to acquire skills in group facilitation and project management, particularly in the field of ecological transition.

Participants are seeking tools that will enable them to motivate, engage, and support community stakeholders in energy and ecological transition initiatives. Some aim to be more effective in co-facilitating groups, while others want to enhance their knowledge and skills in group facilitation. Managing the diversity of stakeholders and their knowledge is one of the major challenges.

At the end of this training, they hope to be capable of initiating more in-depth dialogues and co-building concrete and effective projects for their territory.

The three days of training provide a broader perspective and an analysis of the practices of working methods. This has enabled many participants to enter more confidently into the deployment of citizen workshops as part of the LIFE_LEtsGO4Climate project.

SESSION 1 : Orléans

SESSION 2 : Lucay-Le-Mâle