List of citizen collectives in the initial territories

Monday, 20 February 2023

At the end of the workshop cycle, citizens began to form small groups in order to develop concrete energy transition projects.

The aim of the workshops was to encourage the emergence of groups in the 6 regions, and to encourage the emergence of energy transition projects in the Centre-Val de Loire region.

The workshops provided participants with useful information about energy, the energy transition and what exists in their area. They also met other local residents who were keen to get involved at local level by working in groups on the following themes: consuming less for greater sobriety and producing local renewable energy.

Here is the list of citizen projects currently being set up in each area:

If you would like more information about a group or would like to join one of these groups, please contact us here.

Tours Métropole

Here are the 7 groups of citizens’ projects to reduce energy consumption and produce renewable energy that emerged from the citizens’ workshops :

DivisionGroup name and objective
Sobriety AwarenessRaising awareness of the energy transition
The precise details of the actions remain to be defined
The collective will start by taking stock of existing food initiatives and promoting vegetarian cuisine!
Other – Light pollution
The aim of this citizens’ initiative is to reduce public lighting in Tours by 50% by the end of 2024 and give the sky back its stars.
Défi en vélo à l’Ecole 
Organise a first challenge with at least 2 schools by summer 2023. The success of this joyful and noisy sobriety initiative could lead to other projects, such as a local bicibus.
Renewable energy productionSociété des Colibris de Fondettes
The collective will reach out to all residents of Fondettes, both individuals and businesses, to promote the emergence and support/lead the implementation of energy transition projects for buildings: renovation + renewable energy.
Renewable energy productionGabarreWatt Collective in Rochecorbon
Several photovoltaic projects on roofs and on the ground, with collective self-consumption. 
Renewable energy production
Tours Collective
A collective that brings together all collectives in Tours Metropolis with the aim of implementing the mutualization of expertise and new projects, in connection with the historical association “Energie Citoyenne en Touraine” (ECT-37).
Workshop Participants – Tours Metropolis


Voici les 9 groupes projets citoyens de sobriété énergétique ou de production d’énergies renouvelables qui ressortent suite aux ateliers citoyens :

DivisionGroup Name and Objective
Food SobrietyCo-gardening
Bring together people who have a garden but can no longer take care of it with those who wish to have a garden.
Food SobrietyLocal Cooking for All
Organize intergenerational cooking workshops, showcase local producers, and arrange visits to producers for schools.
Food SobrietyLocal Products Purchasing Group
Create a citizen purchasing group in the west of Agglopolys.
Sobriety MobilityLimiting Cars in the City
Offer alternatives to cars and encourage carpooling.
Sobriety MobilityCitizen and Cooperative Car Sharing
Provide car-sharing options in Blois to reduce the number of vehicles.
Sobriety MutualizationSharing
Sharing objects and services with a focus on mutual assistance (shared chicken coop, creation of a tool library, etc.).
Sobriety AwarenessAwareness
Implement awareness actions, starting with a digital cleanup day.
Sobriety Other – Light PollutionProtégeons la nuit, économisons l’énergie ! Let’s Protect the Night, Save Energy!
Raise awareness about light pollution from businesses, industries, and offices to comply with regulations on nighttime lighting.
Renewable Energy ProductionThis group, consisting of 30 people, has not yet collectively decided on the structure and type of energy to produce. Ideas for geothermal projects, solar panels, and equipment purchasing groups have emerged.
Workshop Participants – Agglopolys

Bourges Plus

Here are the 5 citizen project groups focused on energy sobriety or renewable energy production that emerge from the citizen workshops:

DivisionGroup Name and Objective
Sobriety MobilityPrecise action details are yet to be defined.
Sobriety Waste PackagingRemballe ton emballage / D’balle 
Sobriety MutualizationRepair Project
Sharing objects, tools, and repair, with a focus on mutual assistance (creation of a tool library).
Sobriety RenovationGroupe Castor /Castor Group
Work on the energy renovation of private residences.
Renewable Energy ProductionLe collectif citoyens18enr est né ! The citizen collective “18enr” is born!
A first project is in sight with “Entraide berruyère,” which is about to acquire buildings suitable for installing rooftop photovoltaic panels.
Workshop Participants – Bourges Plus

Loches Sud Touraine

Here are the 3 citizen project groups focused on energy sobriety or renewable energy production that emerge from the citizen workshops:

DivisionGroup Name and Objective
Sobriety MutualizationThird place for sharing, learning, creating.
Sobriety FoodLocal and shared food production.
Renewable Energy ProductionCitizen Collective of Genillé
A citizen collective has emerged and gathers in Genillé to work on a first ground-mounted photovoltaic project and possibly other rooftop photovoltaic projects to be studied. 
Workshop Participants – Loches Sud Touraine

PETR Gâtinais Montargois

Here are the 3 citizen project groups focused on energy sobriety or renewable energy production that emerge from the citizen workshops :

DivisionGroup Name and Objective
Sobriety HousingChantier école des Champs Mignons 
Sobriety AwarenessEco-citizen Education
Renewable Energy ProductionPhotovoltaic Production
A citizen collective has formed and joined other local citizens who were already interested in citizen renewable energy production following a LIFE experiment two years earlier. An association could be established.
Workshop Participants – PETR Gatinais Montargois

PETR Pays Loire Beauce

Here are the 6 citizen project groups focused on energy sobriety or renewable energy production that emerge from the citizen workshops :

PôleGroup Name and Objective
Sobriety AwarenessSensi Carbon:
Raising awareness about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, particularly through interventions at local events.
Sobriety WasteCompost and You?
Promotion of collective composting, primarily focusing on shared gardens.
Sobriety MutualizationCollective Second Life (Mutualization “North Zone”):
Creation of a mutualization space for repairing objects or establishing a resource center (to be specified).
Sobriety MutualizationMutualization “South Zone” :
Organization of waste collection.
Sobriety MobilityCarpooling Loiret :
Development of daily carpooling.
Renewable Energy ProductionA collective has formed and meets in St Ay with photovoltaic projects in sight.
Workshop Participants – PETR Pays Loire Beauce