Review of the immersion day in the carbon conversations of lot 2

Thursday, 11 May 2023

As part of the LIFE_LETsGO4Climate program, the territories of the second lot experienced an immersion day in carbon conversations in Blois on Wednesday, May 10, 2023. At the end of the day, each ambassador will be able to initiate the change support dynamic in their territory using the Carbon Conversations method. This day was facilitated by the Négawatt Institute, which supports us in the “sobriety” aspect of the LIFE_LETsGO4Climate project.

What are Carbon Conversations ?

Spread for over 15 years in the United Kingdom, Carbon Conversations is an innovative and recognized method of group-based change support. It facilitates individuals’ journey towards a lifestyle with a lower carbon footprint, meaning less greenhouse gas emissions.

The attendees were able to acquire tools and knowledge about this method to recruit their future facilitators in their territory.

As part of the LIFE_LETsGO4Climate project, the goal is to train a large number of Carbon Conversations facilitators free of charge and locally. These facilitators should be capable of leading Carbon Conversations cycles for the residents of the territory and their networks, with the perspective of multiplication to instill a genuine territorial dynamic around individual behavior change.

The training enables a pair of future facilitators to acquire the necessary skills and expertise for change support to locally lead Carbon Conversations cycles. Following a training-action approach, the training includes in-person sessions and the facilitation of the first group, where facilitators are supported from the preparation phase and mentored thereafter.

A call for applications will take place in September to recruit Carbon Conversations facilitators for each of the six territories.

  • La Communauté de communes Ecueillé-Valençay (36),
  • La Communauté de communes Champagne-Boischauts (36),
  • La Communauté d’Agglomération de Châteauroux Métropole (36),
  • La Communauté de communes Touraine-Est Vallées (37),
  • Le Pays Vendômois (41).
  • Le PETR Beauce Gâtinais en Pithiverais (45),
Participants in the Carbon Conversation immersion day on May 10, 2023