Special Radio Program

Tuesday, 7 March 2023

We invite you to listen or re-listen to the special program on the LIFE_LETsGO4Climate project from Studio ZEF radio in Blois.

In the presence of:

  • Nicolas Orgelet, Vice President of Agglopolys in charge of energy-related matters,
  • Marion Fournier, Mission Officer for the appropriation of the energy transition of the LIFE_LETsGO4CLIMATE project for the Centre-Val de Loire Region,
  • Marie, Coralie, and Philippe, citizens randomly selected and involved in different working groups.

Citizens from the Blois agglomeration attended awareness workshops and joined working groups focused on sobriety or renewable energy production. Once these groups become autonomous, they can take the lead on initiatives or join/create local action structures. Supported by the Agglopolys region, the working groups in Blaisois are hard at work thinking about the world of tomorrow.