Launch of the European project LIFE_LETsGO4Climate


The launch of the European project LIFE_LETsGO4Climate will happen Friday 4th March 2022 from 10:00 to 12:30 at the Hôtel de Région ! The event is hosted by the Centre-Val de Loire regional Council and the 11 associated beneficiaries of the project, in the presence of the President François Bonneau and Vice-President Charles Fournier.

This convivial moment will allow to present the project, to exchange on its implementation on the regional territories and to gather all the actors of the Energy transition which will be a great support throughout the project in order to creat and lead the emerging collectives.

After a plenary session to present the project, different workshops will be held in various rooms to not only gather testimonies, but also to learn more about the Climate, energy communities or renewable energy.

A web streaming of the conference is planned to mobilize as many citizens as possible and thus commit us together at the regional scale to the climate.

Come and join us!

Registration required and mandatory vaccine pass