58 facilitators trained in the Carbon Conversations method !

Friday, 1 September 2023

Trainings took place across all territories of lot 1 from January to March 2023. As a result, 58 facilitators are ready to lead Carbon Conversations cycles in their organizations.

Bourges Plus
PETR Gatinais Montargois
PETR Pays Loire Beauce
Tours Métropole

Would you like to participate in a Carbon Conversations cycle?

Now, numerous individuals have been trained and offer Carbon Conversations cycles in the first set of territories (Tours Métropole-Val de Loire, PETR Pays Loire Beauce, PETR Gâtinais Montargois, Bourges Plus, Agglopolys(Blois) ou Loches-Sud-Touraine).


A Carbon Conversations cycle enables participants to :

Understand the relationship between their personal lifestyles and global CO2 emissionsFeel more comfortable and less anxious about discussing climate change and emission reduction
Reduce their emissions with a goal of halving their carbon footprint over a period of 4 to 5 years (a reduction of nearly 1 ton in the first year is observed)Analyze their personal reactions to emission reduction, including values and emotions

Find organizations that are likely to offer a Carbon Conversations cycle near you :

Are you part of one of the territories in lot 2, and do you want to undergo Carbon Conversations training in your area ?

Territory of lot 2DATES
Châteauroux métropoleJanuary 23, 24, 25, 2024
Ecueillé ValençayJanuary 09, 10, 11, 2024
Champagne BoischautsJanuary 16, 17, 18 2024
Touraine Est ValléesFebruary 6, 7, 8, 2024
Pays VendômoisFebruary 13, 14, 15 2024
PETR Beauce Gatinais en PithiveraisFebruary 20, 21, 22 2024

Find all the information here : Devenez facilitateur des Conversations carbone ! – LIFE_LETsGO4Climate (life-letsgo4climate.eu)