Integration seminar for the 6 new territories

Monday, 13 February 2023

The integration seminar for the six new territories was held in Orléans on Friday 27 January.

Throughout the day, project managers, directors and elected representatives were able to discuss their expectations and uncertainties about the LIFE_LETsGO4Climate project, Osons la transition, with partners from the CVDL region, ADEME, Énergie Partagée, GRDF and ENEDIS. Here’s a look back at an afternoon full of sharing!

Jérémie GODET (Vice-Chairman for Climate, Ecological and Social Transformations in Public Policy, Energy Transition, Social and Solidarity Economy and Community Life) and Mohammed AMHJAHDI (Regional Director of ADEME Centre-Val de Loire) welcomed the new territories in an opening speech.

The aim of the day was to encourage exchanges and knowledge-sharing between the players from the local authorities concerned. It provided an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the various stages of the project as a whole, and to work together on the first stage of the project, the energy-climate diagnosis.

To achieve this, the Region, ADEME and Energie Partagée project team put together a lively, collaborative programme, experimenting with a framework based on collective intelligence techniques.
Participants were able to test their knowledge of the project using a collaborative game specially created around the timeline of the LIFE_LETsGO4Climate project.

An entertaining presentation of the LIFE_LETsGO4Climate project

The Négawatt Institute, which is supporting the project team in raising awareness, then offered an introduction to carbon conversations. Carbon conversations” are a way of raising awareness of the need for a more sober lifestyle. The idea is to tackle the climate challenge in our daily lives, without going crazy, and while enjoying ourselves.

Introduction to carbon conversations
Collective intelligence workshop “Nuggets/pebbles” with a round-table discussion and time for exchange for each member

In the afternoon, the local authorities were able to start creating their energy and climate diagnostics, during a workshop led by Auxilia et Transition (the consultancy firm supporting the team on this part of the project). The local representatives listed the local players involved in the energy transition who could be mobilised as part of the project. The diagnosis will serve as an “identity card” for the area and its local context.

Diagnostics workshop

Closure of the integration seminar for the 6 new territories with the LIFE_LETsGO4Climate project partners
Interview with Jérémie Godet Vice-President of the Centre-Val de Loire region at the integration seminar